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New achievements in scientific research

Metallurgical combustion system

  • Many applications: Natural gas, coke oven gas and mixed gas.
  • Staged combustion:Reduce the heat output of the initial section of the radiant tube and therefore increases its life.
  • Flue gas recirculation:Reduce NOx.
  • Intelligent control:LMM patented technology.

Have patented the technology required to produce extra-long furnace rollers.

We manufactured a furnace roller for Asahi Glass 400mm diameter x 8000mm ( roll surface) long . The total length of the roller was 9375mm , currently the longest in the world.

Microstructure and element concentration distribution of a typical heat-resistant alloy (NH28-48-5W)

  • Accurately grasp the microstructure morphology, improve the stability of the performance of the cast pipe.
  • In-depth analysis of element concentration distribution to support more accurate research and development of new materials.
  • Effectively provide failure analysis and the causes of fracture, nodulation and oxidation of radiating tube and furnace roller are analyzed .

NH1949 new anti-coking material

Based on military technology: Instead of imports
Anti-oxidation:The material can be prevented completely from oxidation up to 1200 Deg℃.
Obtained the national invention patent (ZL201811324651.0) in September 2019, and obtained the European Union invention patent (EP 3 650 560) in July 2021, and patents are being granted in 33 countries around the world.

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