Provider of integrated heat resisting solutions for metallurgical glass and petrochemical furnaces worldwide

Take multiple measures to ensure delivery

Quick response
LMM are able to respond very quickly by advance planning, analyzing and controlling the factors that affect delivery. Including designing in advance, early purchase of molds and bought-out parts, in particular imported items.

Project planning
Each project includes a project planning meeting to clarify the project plan, execution nodes and follow-up inspections.

Production schedule control
The project operation department and the manufacturing centre jointly control the production schedule, and the project dispatch tracks the production schedule.

Procurement and logistics control
The project operations department and the purchasing departments jointly control the purchase of raw materials and outsourced parts, plus they plan the tracking, and quality control activities.

Logistics control
The logistics team plan the route to ensure speedy despatch and delivery. The factory is close to Qingdao sea-port, airport and the China- Europe exress railway station.

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