Company introduction

Provider of integrated heat resisting solutions for metallurgical glass and petrochemical furnaces worldwide

LMM GROUP is a manufacturing company engaged in a one-stop solution for global industrial furnace heat-resistant alloy. We specialize in manufacturing 900-1250℃ heat-resistant alloy products, which include CAL(continuous annealing line), CGL(continuous galvanizing line) furnace roller, radiant tube, and combustion system, as well as ethylene cracking furnace tube, ammonia reformer furnace tube, and methanol-reformer furnace tube, etc.

We own a workshop area of more than 180,000m2 and 620 employees. The plant has production equipment 698 sets and a national-level laboratory, with an annual production capacity of 24,000 tons.

LMM has an established and improved guarantee system program over quality, environment, and safety. All the managements and technicians have more than 15 years of experience in centrifugal and static casting production of heat-resistant alloy. LMM accumulated rich experience and formed its own unique patented technology with 191 patents which are all applied to our products and manufacturing.

LMM’s products and solutions foresee the needs of industrial companies in terms of profitability, performance, safety, and environmental protection. Through the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and continuous industrial upgrading, LMM gradually transform technical advantages into production advantages and market advantages.

Company Vision

Build a world-class engineering company to make industry stronger and individual better


Gratitude,  Humility,  Passion,  Dreams


Firm faith to protect the material and spiritual well-being of all employees, and make unremitting efforts to promote the development of steel industry, airport, food industry and human and social progress.

Common Business Philosophy

  • The time is always right to do what is right
  • Honesty is the best policy
  • True love, Serious Job, Really Happiness

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